VoIP (Voice Over IP) Telephony is simply another way of making telephone calls, but with your internet connection being used instead of traditional phone lines and systems.

Hosted IP Telephony is perfect for businesses, offering greater deployment flexibility without the investment, maintenance and overhead of an onsite PBX, whilst still offering the advanced enterprise features that businesses require.

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VoIP has become very popular over recent years due to the cost and flexibility advantages for businesses compared to traditional telephony networks.

As the service is hosted, there is no onsite PBX telephone system, reducing time and costs for implementation. Once in service, all management functions are web based, making changes easy and reducing your internal IT requirement and training costs. You choose the functions you want and pay only for those.

There are many benefits of a VoIP system over traditional telephony, with one of the biggest advantages of VoIP seen as the money-saving potential. Not only can you avoid the investment cost, but calls are also cheaper. Due to all calls being made over the web, long-distance and international call charges are greatly reduced – and also aren’t confined to using a standard telephone handset, as calls can be made through the use of a computer or internet-enabled device.

Although VoIP popularity has risen in the consumer market with the dominance of Skype, VoIP can be greatly beneficial to businesses – especially for companies that are making a lot of calls on a daily basis (i.e. call centres), or those that are in active international communication. VoIP helps to greatly reduce the costs associated with traditional telephony, while providing the portability and scalability that business communication requires.

VoIP Phone Systems

Low up-front costs

As the telephone system is hosted in the cloud rather than onsite, there is no large outlay cost for the phone system itself. It can be provisioned in minutes, reducing time and costs for implementation. Request only what your company needs now and just order more when or if you need it. No more equipment obsolescence and depreciation!

Quick and easy set up

Companies using a VoIP system have the great advantage of being able to easily add new phone numbers or extensions (inc. voicemail inboxes) via the web within minutes, without the need for extra costs and setup time associated with traditional telephony.

Cheaper calls

Call charges are considerably cheaper than BT and other traditional phone system providers. As all calls are being made over the internet connection, long-distance and international call charges are greatly reduced. You can take your office phone away to another country with you, and your calls will all be charged at your local rate as if you were still sat in the office!

Increased flexibility

Let your office come to you. A great advantage of VoIP is that it is internet based; meaning any internet-enabled device that has communication functionality can be used to send and receive calls via your VoIP telephone network. It is ideal for home working and for people out and about.

Worldwide communication

Be contacted on your office extension wherever you are in the world, and have calls come through to you as if you are in the office. You can also have numbers with different area codes, as you aren’t tied to a geographical area.

Disaster recovery

In the event of disaster, your phone system will still be functional. Calls can be taken from any internet-enabled location, or calls can automatically be re-routed to alternative numbers, meaning you never miss a call.

No upgrades or repairs

No more maintenance or replacement costs. The phone system is continually improved and upgraded in the background, so you get access to all the benefits of new technology without any of the hassles.

Advanced Features

Large company features at a fraction of the cost. Caller ID, conference calling, voicemail-to-email, call recording, call waiting, call forwarding, call groups, and disaster recovery are just some of the many features available with a VoIP system.

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